The Bedsheet Cinema Project

On the summer of 2012/2013 I set out on a major Jimmerish project that would go down as a laughably huge failure.

I created a film festival known as "James's Backyard Bedsheet Cinema". Over a period of three months I held two screenings a week. Each screening presented two films. At least one was a crowd pleaser, the second was "James's Choice". Over the sixteen independent screenings, only six people attended. At least four of those people said they had a great time, which, I guess, is a win.

As part of the promotion of the film festival I put together my first ever youtube clip montage, which you can watch below and get a sense of the films I was showing (Try to guess them all!):
See some photos after the jump:

Here are some pictures of the evenings:
After the shows I would often sleep out on the lawn under the few stars Perth has and watch the many tumbling satellites passing over us at night. It was a surreal way to spend a summer and it turned out to be a magical experience, even if it was only me.