Moon Blankets

James Pontifex visits the Stirling Ranges

Une femme est une femme

Une femme est une femme

Watch: Normal People

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Down Nancy’s Peak

Chelsea and Tianna

Normal People: The Podcast

I'm introducing my short film Normal People with a podcast mini-series over on Jimmerish FM. I'll be chatting to a few of the people who worked on the film. Make sure you are subscribed to Jimmerish FM to catch the series.

The Grace Sanders Collaboration

I set up a camera to capture Grace Sanders doing her thing. Check out our podcast on Jimmerish FM.

The Lodger - Screenplay Public Table Read


For those who can't attend in person, you can read the screenplay online or download it here.

WHAT: PAC Script Lab reading of my Screenplay "The Lodger"
WHEN: 6pm (Bar open) for a 7pm start, Thursday 9th June 2016
WHERE: @ Library of WA Theatre, North Entrance, 25 Francis St, Northbridge

What is this?
FTI helps local writers develop their screenplays by hosting public table reads of screenplays in front of a live audience with volunteer actors. These are called PAC Script Labs. The writer gets to hear their dialogue read aloud and brought to life by real actors and the audience is able to provide feedback on the story. For the audience, it's kind of like listening to a radio play / audio book in a theatre. They are very kindly reading my screenplay "The Lodger".

What is my movie about?
A frivolous young woman with a mysterious power discovers her true calling after moving in with an alcoholic old man.

Watch: The Meet Cute

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