Announcing New Project: Jimmerish FM

Yes, it's been a while since I updated with what projects are going on at Jimmerish but that's life I guess. However, we are coming back in a big way with some big news.

All of has been updated under the hood to be more future proof, however that is not the news. Some of you wide eyed viewers may have noticed some subtle changes to Jimmerish recently, including a new addition to the top of the shortcuts menu on the sidebar to the right.

That's right, I'm introducing a new feature to to replace Jimmerish: The Talk Show, quite simply called 'Jimmerish FM'.

I began plans for this project way back in March as a way of investing my kRudd money in something a little more interesting than alcohol, It was delayed by a certain awful business but we have survived and we are now finally producing content.

Jimmerish FM is an online radio station. We'll have a 24/7 audio feed where you don't get to choose what you listen to for all those traditionalists who freak out when given choice or when you say 'content on demand'. Otherwise Jimmerish FM will primarily be producing various podcasts so you can subscribe to our podcast feed to get the latest episodes or any of our backlog of episodes you want, whenever you want. All for free.

We'll also be broadcasting our recording sessions live on the internet radio feed and on Ustream. Being an internet radio station, it's far more interactive. You'll be able to join in the chatroom on Ustream during live broadcasts or just email us questions for our guests to:[at]

The best way to keep abreast of when we go live or when new podcasts are uploaded is to follow the project's twitter feed here. Check out and explore the Jimmerish FM website via the link on the shortcut sidebar to the right or just go to:

Need some help getting the Jimmerish FM content? Watch our Help Videos.