Ultimate Co-Op in Halo 3

Those of you who came to my LAN party will know exactly what I'm about to talk about. I'm trying to make the ultimate Co-Op game for Halo 3. My current concept Is a capture the flag variant on Sandtrap that requires Hornets to capture the flag.

Ultimate Co-Op
Teamwork is essential to win this aerial CTF battle. It's impossible to go it alone. Designed for those who love Co-Op play.

Supported Gametypes: Capture The Flag
Map Description: This map is for CTF on Sandtrap.

The flags are in difficult spots forcing Co-Op play. It is essential to tactically use the Hornet in your base to achieve your objective. Since one person has to fly the hornet and one person needs to be the flag carrier, teamwork and good communication is essential to win. Since the only way you can really win is with the Hornet, everyone else in team has to do their bit to protect your Hornet and/or try and destroy the other team's hornet. The Hornet is also the most powerful weapon on the map so getting the balance between attacking the other team and getting the flag is also important. It's great fun to play at LAN parties, best played 3v3 or more. It is possible to play 2v2.

You can download the map here: Ultimate Co-Op on Sandtrap
You can download the Game Type here: Ultimate Co-Op Game CTF Variant for Sandtrap.
You can see a Halo 3 Theatre Video of an example of how to capture the flag here:
Basic example of how to capture the flag.
And a general link to my file share here.

Example Tactic In Pictures

Get a Hornet:

Get a Teammate:

Fly To The Other Team's Base:

Manouver To The Top Of The Base so that your teammate can safely jump onto it:

Teammate grabs the flag (Turns purple just for fun) and can choose to jump off and run, or jump back on the Hornet if it's safe:

If your teammate jumps back on board, fly back to the top of your base as fast as you can:

Maneuver so that your team mate can jump onto the return spot:

Don't get blown up in the process and you win the round!

If anyone is interested, please have a go and if you like it please rate it. The weapons and spawn placements are probably not perfect yet but with more feedback, it can be improved.