Updates on my Microsoft World

Ok, in November last year I announced that I was recklessly joining the Microsoft gaming world. It's about six months since then and I just don't know why I didn't do it earlier.

I have completed Halo 2, Halo 3, Call of Duty 4 and GTA IV. Apart from some extremely boring parts of Halo 2, which was from the previous generation the other current gen games have been amazing experiences. I have always considered cinema to be the ultimate art form (outside of life itself) but I think these games have possibly lead gaming to a possible victory for the throne and the medium has plenty more potential under its sleeve.

In case you were wondering what product I eventually found to connect the xBox 360 to my 30" Apple Cinema display...  It cost me a lot of money to find something that could work to a usable extent. Eventually I settled on the XCM Component to HDMI convertor thing. Obviously it only outputs single link DVI so It cannot power the entire screen but if you switch your 360 to 720p mode you can run the Cinema Display in single link DVI mode and I mask out the repeated image with a simple piece of cardboard wrapped in black material. From my sofa the images look great and I don't have to waste space with another screen in my room.

The Eye TV Hybrid was pretty much useless because it only supports 50hz video, so any games that run at 60hz are unplayable.

Unfortunately, to play these games, I have had to dirty my world with Microsoft products. In return, I have removed all Microsoft products from my computer. No more Office, no more MSN messenger. If I need to message someone on MSN now I use the xBox or the web based version.

The reality is that amongst my circle of acquaintances, Apple has the majority of the market share now.  So why don't some of you bums phone me on iChat sometime instead of calling my mobile.

Later in the year I hope to have some xBox LAN parties, if you live in inner Perth and are interested in taking part, join my facebook group and if you have a 360 on xBox Live, add me.