May 26th, 2008. 5:01PM WST KMP

This is the exact moment that my life began.

This was the time and place when a girl named Kylie replied to my very first email to her.

It was the coup to end all coups (However, I don't have the confidence to tell that story, I'm not sure I ever will).

This is what she wrote:

hello mr cool sax player! 

well, first, lets get down to business. 
ideas for rebellion: 
we could rebel against- 
1.teachers (of course, that's a bit boring!) 
2.people who knock saxes 
3. people who knock sax players (I mean, why would they want to knock US 
- the legends???!!?!!?) 
4. people who call soprano saxes clarinettes (samantha gets highly 
5. people who say french horns are better than saxes (eg my sister) 

but of course, we need to have lots of pro-rebellion people who are on 
our side to help our cause. I hope you are doing your best at recruiting 
new members. Maybe we need to have an alliance with an undercover 
organisation. By the way, we also need a very groooooooovy code name. 
Any ideas?????!!!!?! 

i'm very very glad that Ted is smiling again. Samantha said that she 
wants to know what you've called your sax. I can't remember if you've 
told me or not, and she really wants to know! you probably saw Banjo 
today because she was sticking her cute little head out of the car 
window when i got picked up from school. 

i'd better go now. all my other emails are calling out to me vey 
frustratedly because they want to be replied to as well. 
"Stop planning that silly rebellion!" they say, "why don't you pay any 
attention to me?" one must listen to them after a while, since it tends 
to get rather annoying! 
also, which email address would you rather i wrote to??? 

til next time, 
(ms cool sax player)
That was 10 years ago exactly. I don't know where she is now. She could be dead. She could have been a total figment of my imagination.

Who Knows.

Maybe in the next life I shall find out.

It would be an awfully big adventure.

Kylie. I'm not even certain that was her name. Maybe it was Daisy.

One Must Rebel.