I am currently in the process of upgrading to ADSL2. I don't know what speed I'm currently at but I'm already flying like a Peregrine Falcon. Yesterday my maximum download speed was about 55Kb per second. Today its running at about 500Kb a second and I can't really find anything to really test it so far. It's insane! I downloaded like 100mb of updates from Apple in less then 10 minutes. I'm getting High Def. trailers instantly, no waiting. Watching the keynote is more beautiful then ever. When I get an ADSL2 compatible modem to replace my old one, I should be getting a connection that rates somewhere between 12Mb and 24Mb. Crazy. Not only that but its actually cheaper then my old deal, and you get a VoIP connection, although I've gone from unlimited downloads to a 20Gb cap. It will be interesting to see how long that can last.