Total Anticipation

Q: So, what if the lead game designer behind TA (All of you reading this blog should know what I'm referring to.) got together with his buddies at his new company and decided to work on a 'Spiritual Sequel' to the greatest computer game of all time? A: Boom Boom. Yeah, that's right, you can hear my heartbeat from where you are sitting. My faithful friend Alex pointed me the way to this article. My life has changed, I'm still recovering from this most recent mind blowing revelation. You must read this article and take the journey as I once did. Awesome. You can find more info and hype about this new game here. You can also hear the sensual sounds of warfare at the primitive official website. I just had to include this quote I found on a different article.
And finally, you have the experimental super-units. A submarine aircraft carrier?! Yes, you can build it. Imagine having a couple of those surface off of your coast behind your defenses, open up, and spew out armadas of fighters and bombers. Ridiculously over the top? Oh yes -- welcome to Supreme Commander!