Tiger Hunt

A few of weeks ago, the Australian museum announced that they are dropping the Tasmanian Tiger cloning project, claiming that it was too difficult. What a bunch of pussies.

Crappy critics of course take the high ground and say why not put that money to better use and try and save other animals such as the Tasmanian Devil, which still exists. It's all very well to say this, but I bet tasmanian devil research won't see a dime of extra money from this decision. They probably need all the money they can get to try and stop this disease that is trying it's best to make Tasmania's other iconic marsupial extinct.

Anyway, getting back to tigers, who needs cloning when you can have a massive tiger hunt? That's the idea of Bulletin Magazine who is putting up a 1.25 million dollar bounty for a Tasmanian Tiger found alive in celebration of the magazine's 125th birthday. Awesome is all I can say. Someone should make a video game about it.

So, anyone up for a Tasmanian holiday? I've always wanted to go.