Several months ago, a man found a sick rabbit, nurtured it back to health and named it Toby. They soon became good friends. However, the man felt that Toby had more to offer. So he decided to eat Toby. Before he ate Toby, as a compromise, he set up a website which basically offers the world the chance to pay him money to not eat Toby. If the man doesn't get $50,000 before June 30th this year, he will cook up Toby with one of seven recipes that he is yet to decide on. He is essentially trying to hold the world to ransom.

Check out the site here:

I think the most disturbing thing on that site is that there is no reference to rabbit in any of the recipes, every mention has been replaced with "toby". I will be not be happy if anyone I know contributes to his piggy bank. He claims to have earnt US$16000 already. It reminds me a little of the Bonsai Kitten project.

Oh, the internet. Isn't it wonderful?