Press Release: Friz signs new manager.

Today, in a Jimmerish exclusive, we are publishing the first official press release released from the new managment team representing the celebrity couple Fred and Liz, collectivly known as "Friz". It is the first press release issued by the couple since their recent reunion. It is as follows:

Friz Signs New Manager

PERTH, Western Australia —March 24, 2005— Today marks a new day in inter-human relationships. Today, one couple has decided that it's not enough simply to exist on this Earth. Averagely whiling away the hours watching television and eating. No, they want more but they don't want to put in the effort themselves. They want someone to put in the hard yard for them. That someone, is me, Campbell. Today, I took over all public business involving the couple "Fred and Liz". My first item of business will be to rock their business. So, without further ado, I am publically changing the couples name to:
"The Artist Formally Known as Friz."
This will only be the first in many radical new steps aimed at pleasing both their adoring fans and the two/one people/person at the center of this media whirlwind.

"Friz" ignited the unpassionate relationship revolution in 2002 with a unique union inspired by the power of a good curry high. In late 2004. the paternership ended under mutual terms but the "impassionate love" was reignited in early 2005 and the couple was rebadged "The Artist Formally Known as Friz.". This new name gave the couple a fresh start and a rejuvenated goal to find "love". Today, "The Artist Formally Known as Friz." continues to lead the relationship industry in innovation with its award-winning hot date and excitement free routine. "The Artist Formally Known as Friz." is also spearheading the emerging curry based relationship revolution.