The Digital Demise.

How awesome was it back in the good old era where I was the only one with a digital camera, so everybody got to see every photo they wanted to see just about whenever they wanted.  I revolutionised the way photos were used.

Now everybody has a digital camera and yet less and less photos are seen and shared. Oh the great dream I had once, of having a photo for every occasion at my fingertips.

Despite the success of other mediums such as digital music and the efforts of companies like Apple and Flickr, it looks as if we are returning to the dark ages where photos were taken, rarely shared and probably never looked at again.  But hey, I guess we can still dramatically shorten our battery life by looking at every photo we have taken 5 seconds later, as if we had never seen the people in the photo before.

Photos are no longer treasured, they are the ultimate short attention span consumer product that we can take, look at and then dispose of within a matter of seconds.

Who cares anyway, sharing is for communists.