Because it's a Green Day

Dark Green
Yeah, it's St Patrick's day today or something and people are talking about green all the time. I was interested to see what people are wearing in green these days so i turned to google of course and because I only have better things to do I'll post some of my findings here. I'm not much of a green person, but the more I think about it, It can be pretty cool if used in the right way.

The 20's
This is something that a woman might have worn in the 20's if they decided to go green. Any girls out there thinking of going to a 20's party sometime this year should take note. I have no idea whether or not green was big back then but I wonder where they got all the green feathers.

Groovy Green
A friend of mine years ago was seriously conflicted when offered a scholarship to Penrhos College. The problem she had was the uniform. I mean if you are going to wear green you need a real green, not some pussy pastel watercolour green. You need something more like what Mercedes College uses. At least it's a real green.

Green Shoes
At one of my former High schools I was in a green house faction. At one athletics carnival I decided to paint my hair, my shoes and much of my body with green hair spray. The hair spray came out of my hair and skin easily, but I had green shoes for a year. It was awesome. Those shoes have long since been worn out and fed to the dog, however, in memorium I did buy some fluro green surf sandals which I still use today. They are all class.

The Good Stuff
As you can see, from what I have found so far, green fashion can work really really well. But I might not be looking at it the right way. However, I do feel that considering Perth's climate, this is important research and one of the primary reasons this blog exists is so I can post pretty pictures. Trust me, these are some of the more conservative green swimwear designs around from what I can tell from a simple google image search. Personally I think green is always best when in combination with Gold but I guess today is more about the Irish then the aussies.
More Good Stuff 

But of course, with all things fashion related, sometimes things just go wrong. I guess there is probably always going to be a big gamble involved in wearing green outside of St Patrick's Day. As my mother always said, you always have to make sure the green you choose isn't the same colour as your snot.

And yet other things can just go so very very right. The photo doesn't do them justice, but these are probably the greatest pair of pants you will ever see. From what I have heard they have rocked so many people's world they have become legend.

Oh Yeah!
Why do you call them pairs of pants? I guess that's a question for google to answer.

Great Expectations
If you want to see one of the ultimate tributes to the colour green, I recommend checking out the movie Great Expectations. It's a loose adaptation of the book, which is what saves it because most book to film adaptions that try to stick too close to the book seem to fail because of the inherent differences between the mediums.

I think that's enough for this year, enjoy your green beer folks.