The Concept

I indeed agree in the philosophy of stock but i have a personal preference to the chicken of the species.  It is a subject of great concern.  Should the sky fall is it eligible to subsidise the use of stock?  If it is so then we shall be well stocked with stock as we keep a shallow on the beaver in the desert and its blue piercings in the location of the exterior.  In full employment of the sock factor, all forms of red apples will be neutralised for the purpose of retrieving the doctrines citing the use of manufactured goods such that would provide for the elevation of maple trees in Luxembourg.  It is then full possible to allow for certain forms of screens to be utilised as a form of exchange methods to incorporate in the surroundings of the shed in the mall.

While it is important that people of the island of Paros are not disturbed by the use of semi-automatic pigeons taking the bulk of the weight from the absent pelicans, it is important that we use all shorts necessary.  It is then foreseeable that the creation of a method of transport that does not require such utilities as a tree and a sausage for the purpose of navigation, is well within the realms of possibility.

What's your opinion on the matter?