The Babies

Surrounded by me 5s
Yep, got me 5s today. Now I just can't wait to have some time to rewatch all my dvds so I can experience them like new again. From what I've tried so far, even the dvds without dedicated 5.1 tracks still have some awesome sound being pumped out of these babies. In fact, while some 5.1 tracks have been disapointing, a number of scenes have already brought tears to my eyes. Oh! That pure digital sensation, none of that analogue rubbish. I never used to understand the point of those Dolby splash intros before Dvds, but now! I have to find every different version and try it out!

The interesting thing will be trying to fit the 240w sub and the rest of the system into my bedroom. This 700w system is a bit of a step up from my current 80w 2.1 set. w00t.