Where is the Sex?

A lot of people have been asking "where is the love?" lately. I however think at this time and moment in history think it would be more appropriate to be asking "Where is the Sex?".

I'm sure I'm not the only one to notice the lack of sex in our current world. Unless you often snoop around on Fred's computer, you'll find its hard to find sex around these days.

This is most apparent in the public world where Fred's computer isn't that good an example because although he opens his house up for the odd party, it is really a private institution.

Have you ever noticed that when you watch 70's movies, there is a lot of sex in them? These days all there is blow jobs, pie and snags. Do you think its just a coincidence? I think not, I think it is a sign of the world changing and evolving. Even on the internet this is apparent, we are now living in a world where "MP3" is more commonly searched for on the internet then "sex".

What is going wrong?

I think the government has also noticed this lack of sex. The government has just allowed sex shops to open on Sundays. Perhaps this is an attempt by the government to get the workforce to use their day off more efficiently and remind us of our natural instincts. It certainly makes it more convenient. Then again it may just be an attempt to capture the church market. They have also prevented Hardware stores from selling picnic utensils, perhaps an attempt to try and get people to stop piss farting around in a park on the weekends and back into the bedroom.

Again coming back to Fred's computer, blow jobs are now more common in his collection then sex scenes. Why is there this sudden rush towards these alternative forms of sexual stimulation? I think there are a number of possibilities:
  • Fashion - Perhaps these changes are just another phase or craze.
  • Women - As Women continue their charge towards becoming the dominant sex, perhaps these small changes in the bedroom are a warning as to some of the consequences we could see in the future if we let women rise to power.
  • Hygiene - As we move into the 21st century there is an increased expectation that everything that goes in our mouth should be hygienically cleaned prior to use.
Perhaps sex shops want to be open on Sundays because they have noticed the increasing trend towards alternative methods. Who knows. Only the government knows the real truth.

There are many other possibilities that I haven't touched, such as IVF, cloning and the ever increasing market of self exercise solutions. Perhaps you guys have some other ideas as to where all the sex has gone. Fred's computer is now a dinosaur of our age. Maybe one day it will be put into a museum as the last remaining record of the days when sex was the human race's No. 1 priority.