Star Wars on your iPod

I'm sure you have heard this story. How can you play video on your iPod Photo? Simple, just follow the instructions in this article. Its a pretty easy if you are familiar with Quicktime. Make an album of the individual frames of the movie and spin through the slideshow as fast as you can. Set the song that is to be played during the slideshow as the soundtrack of the movie, then all you have to do is try and keep it in sync! w00t. Its like a cross between early 20th century technology and the latest gadget going around in the new millennium. Its pretty cool trying to put the episode 3 teaser on the iPod, but what is even cooler are their plans for the future:
And the killer use… We didn’t have time to document the best use of this simple trick, but we’ll be working on it shortly—which is of course to export the Wizard of Oz and play it along with the Dark Side of the Moon. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, follow the yellow brick road here.
Now thats something i would like to try myself.