Sp #1: Progress Update

Ok, its time for an update on summer project #1. Day 5:

Here they come.
On Monday night the first couple of pumpkins began to break through the surface of the soil. It must have been at least a day early so i'm pretty pleased. The lights keep the catarium nice and warm so i guess its pretty much like a green house. Maybe thats why they came up so early? The only problem is that the humidty is high and the glass fogs up which is annoying when trying to take photos and look at the plants' progess. Day 6: Yesterday the Watermelons began to come up as well, only the strawberries and capsicum are still submerged. They also have the smallest seeds. I tried doing some time lapse photography. I had a number of problems which restricted the length of time I could do it for. First, i don't have a power cord for my camera so its use is limited to the lifetime of the battery, which is about 2 hours. Second, the glass kept fogging up so if I wasn't there to clean it before every photo, it got too fogged up to see anything. Anyway, you can download the short time lapse video i was able to get here. A photo was taken every 10 minutes for a couple of hours.
Day 7:

The Garden.
The pumpkins are pretty big now, a couple of them are still stuck inside their seed though. I won't help them, if they are too stupid to find a way out, I guess natural selection will have to apply. All except one of the Watermelons are up but none of them have opened their leaves. Perhaps there is too much light for them? Oh well.