SP #1: Day 2

Grow Damn You.
So... I've decided what I'm going to do with the catarium. I'm going to try and grow some plants in there for a second time. I've got some better lights this time because there wasn't enough light and it wasn't evenly spread using just my aquarium light last time i tried this. I got these lights from a hydroponics shop and they were successfully used to grow some other "plants" a while ago but after that project was sabotaged they have been in disuse for almost a year. Anyway, yesterday i went and got some seeds and planted them. Apparently it will take at least 6 days for them to germinate, i wish plants would grow faster. Maybe i should play more music. Currently i have: Watermelon: A smaller variety Burke's Backyard Thai Chilli: Oh, poor Burke. Strawberries! Pumpkin: Unfortunately not from the Atlantic giant family. I have no idea how successful these plants will be growing under artificial light. I didn't exactly research it too much and i don't plan on doing any "science" with these plants like checking pH levels and crap. As long as they do better then the last time i tried this and i don't freak out about getting legionnaires disease and pull the plug on the whole thing, i'll consider it a success. I planted eight seeds for each plant, but once they are established as seedlings i'll probably cull it back to two of each plant before culling it back to one of each sometime later if they ever get big which i doubt. Although, I have a feeling you need at least two of each plant before they will bare fruit? I don't know. Are plants asexual? I was thinking, looking at the seeds, that it was amazing that these plants could grow from something so tiny. Then i remembered where WE come from! Holy crap! I almost blew my mind. I mean we come from "seeds" that are microscopic and we grow into some pretty significant creatures. I guess there are some exceptions though. How stupid am I.