So what about cupholders.

5 years ago, cupholders weren’t a standard at cinemas. I used to decide on which cinema to go to based on how many cinemas they had with cupholders. So the cinema with the best cupholders won my business. Just like when buying a car, I had 2 models in my range from two companies to choose from. One had 7 cupholders, the other only had 4. Which one do you think i chose? The big thing at the cinemas these days are high back chairs. With these new chairs you can sit right at the front and enjoy the movie without doing your neck in. Especially at these senstadium cinemas with the big screen, big sound. Up front the chairs vibrate from bass coming from the subs behind the screen. I went and saw Terminator 3 at one of those cinemas with a huge hangover and my entire vision was taken up by the screen, i couldn’t see anything else without turning my head. It was intense! i almost threw up in the big heavyweight crane chase sequence. It was one the most sensual movie going experiences i have ever had.