My new addiction: random confessions

A friend has spread his own addiction to me. I'm not sure where he found this site and i don't know how famous it is. It's a site where people post their anonymous confessions. They seem to range from just about anything to absolutly everything. It's fascinating. The following are some confessions i pulled off at random:
"I let my dog lick my junk one time when I was very horny. I felt guilt as soon as I finished and came and the dog licked up my jizz. A week later my dog got hit by a car and I have always felt guilty for what I did."
"Sometimes at work when I need to take a dump I do it in the ladies room and don't flush. Let them have it, they're all crazy."
"my friends have all screwed me over. i seriously hate every single one of them. one in particular. i feel like telling all of her crushes that she likes them, telling her best guy friend that she's in love with about her feelings, and broadcasting on tv about her random sexual encounters with strangers. i also want to tell her about all the times her aforementioned guy friend kissed and/or felt me up. fuck her."
"One time, my best friend had his girlfriend over, and I didn't even find her particularly attractive, but I fantasized about her anyway. As the night progressed, everyone, but I drank an obscene amount of alchohol (I don't drink) and eventually, one by one, passed out. They were in a very deep sleep, so I decided to molest this girl. I fingered her, and felt her tits, and I didn't feel guilty at all. Reading all this other stuff, I figured, I guess I should feel guilty...I feel a little guilty now, but still laugh at both my best friend, and her inside."
"i kissed a really drunk chick who i knew ahad a bofyfriend. i wanted to keep kissing her vut i stopped, i gueess its nice that i was kinda sover. i wanted to fuck her so bad"
I so want to post more of these, but you really have to go check it for yourself. That page selects confessions to show at random, refresh the page to get more. Trust me, you will want more. Please don't blame me if you get addicted as well. You can also make a confession yourself here.