Keyspan Remote For Airport express.

Keyspan has announced a usb remote control that they claim is compatible with Airport Express. I guess it plugs into the usb port on the base station. So that might shut up all the idiots who have difficulty realising that airtunes is a part of iTunes and don't understand the concept of a "Playlist". I mean the whole beauty of itunes is that it makes it so easy to make a playlist so you don't have to listen to your music in albums and you don't have to skip any songs because you like them all. Of course it would be good to have a feature that allowed you to change playlist but i haven't seen an mp3 jukebox that does this with ease yet. The product itself looks identical to my keyspan remote except its white, so i wonder if the hardware is identical and its just drivers that are different. Its too much to hope for i guess, not that i have airport express anyway. Meanwhile, iPod socks are now available to be ordered and Apple realises that it was being pretty dodgy.