The Meet Cute

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The Meet Cute is a meta romantic comedy set in the suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. It is written and directed by James Pontifex. The film was produced with the assistance of the City of Vincent and the Film and Television Institute of WA as part of the City of Vincent Film Project. You can read some of my thoughts about making the film over at Cinema Australia.

You can find the film on IMDB here.

Past Screenings
St Kilda Film Festival - Melbourne, Australia
23rd of May 2014 - 9.30pm

Australian Revelations - Perth, Australia
23rd of February 2015 - 6.30pm

Justin Snowball - @WonsPhreely
Tanya Jade - @_TanyaJade
Luke Howard - @lukehowardmusic
Writer / Director:
James Pontifex
Calum Perey
Jennie Feyen


The Waitress
Poster Frame

The Music
A lot of the music that inspired the film is used in it. The music is by the amazing composer Luke Howard. It was really awesome to work with (albeit across the continent) one of my favourite composers on my little movie. Here is a piece that is featured:

This is a short little video made to demonstrate some of the ideas for the look and feel of the film I was going to use:

Tanya Jade repping the film at Melbourne's St Kilda Film Festival in 2014.